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Bont Vaypor

Bont Vaypor

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Pro level racing sko med 100% Carbon Monocoque konstruktion designad för PRO-pelotonen. 

"The sole is much stiffer than anything else we’ve tried, which is impressive for a shoe that weighs just 282g (size 45). It’s also thin, giving you the feeling that you’re really connected to the pedals, although the low stack height meant adjusting our saddle height fractionally before riding with them.

With shoes this stiff we expected some discomfort on longer rides, but the opposite was true. They’re so stiff and stable our feet were never allowed to roll or move around to create any kind of friction or heat build-up."

Denna sko heat-mouldar du i din ugn för att få en perfekt fit! 
Hör av dig till oss för att se om din storlek finns i lager!
  • 100% carbon monocoque chassis utilizing hand laid unidirectional carbon and 3K carbon weave
  • Durable shiny microfiber upper
  • Suede L Liner
  • 3.6mm Stack Height
  • Air Vents - Frontal area air vents
  • Innersole - EVA thermo-moldable
  • Sole Guards - Replaceable
  • Padding - Memory Foam
  • Fully Heat Moldable Monocoque Chassis
  • Cleat Mounting - 3 Hole Look Configuration plus MM grid plus grip  
  • Closing Options - Z form Velcro Straps + Buckle (Replaceable)
  • Weight - 240 grams (approximate weight based Size 42)

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